Friday, October 1, 2010

More Halloween Freebies!

For my current contribution to the goodie train go to the next post down.

I almost forgot to post all of my past Halloween kits so you wouldn’t have to go looking all over the blog history for them.
Alpha and Photo Masks from 2009  HERE
You’d Better Go in Disguise from 2009  HERE
Quick Pages and Elements from 2008  HERE

In the Halloween spirit I’ve changed my avatar on my profile photo to me as an Avatar – don’t you just love photoshop???Send a kiss


Claudia van Schie ( said...

Hi Brenda,

Thank you for reminding us about these beautiful freebies. I guess I downloaded them but can't seem to find them. So I downloaded them again.
Thanks for sharing,

Love from Holland

Ed Mascari said...

Hi Brenda

Very Cute stuff for Cryssy's favorite holiday>

Love the blog format this month too!