Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Free Word Art Extra

Full kit is one post down:

There were a few sayings from the book that I thought would be great, versatile scrapbook sayings. Here they are as speech bubbles to use with any of your layouts you wish.

I also just downloaded the story for FREE as mp3 files - it's about 6 hours worth of the original Lewis Carroll story read by Michael York- you can get it HERE - they do ask for your name and email and you may get other newsletters from them, but I'm an audio book listener so it works for me.

It also seems I've created some confusion about my kit. I don't have it in a tagger size - just full size. If someone sends me the specs for taggers I'll offer my kits on these trains in both formats from now on. I have no problem with anyone making it into tagger size themselves, that's fine.

What I can send you is links to the kit broken down into smaller files (there are 4 elements files, and 6 papers files) and if you email me, I'd be happy to do that.

Here's the word art:


Download HERE