Sunday, March 29, 2009

Free Add On for The Manor in Springtime

Wow was this add on fun to make. It all started when I couldn't find the brush I needed to make the chandeliers that I wanted to include in the original kit. With the theme and Kim's gorgeous palette I just couldn't stop! The add on includes 2 papers that look like terra cotta tile, 1 foot bridge, 1 lantern, 1 ivy sprig, 1 cork, 1 beaded border, 2 tassels, 1 locket and a bead spill and since this is the end of the month I guess it's time to stop.

Lots more to come on the Easter kit and I'm working on some really pretty floral papers for you so y'all come back now!
Get the add on



If by chance you missed the kit, it's still available below- thanks!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Free Easter Kit - part 6

Okay, I didn't want to wait any longer to post another download for you - so this one's a real hodge podge of elements and papers that go with the kit - That's why I hate doing a kit in pieces, it's hard for people to imagine how it all works together - I promise it does - just make sure you get all the downloads. They are all still available.
Today there are 5 "Hoppy Easter" papers in assorted colors with slightly different designs on each, a bunny pair and a bunny with a basket of eggs, a locket, 2 speech bubbles, a glitter floral border, some buttons, some brads I really had fun making and a flowered basket.
There's another whole set of eggs, baskets and grass coming and hopefully some more papers and I know you need some frames - this kit may not be done before Easter, but I know I still have several more installments to get out. Download #6 HERE
part 6 preview

While we're on the subject of Easter look at this layout that was sent to me by Kay Marie (indigosd) This uses my Welcome Ava kit - isn't it GORGEOUS!!!!!! The photo is from 1910.
I love to see what people make with my creations - Thanks Kay Marie!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sorry! Link fixed

Some people told me that they were having trouble downloading the papers#3 file from 4 shared - not sure how that happened, but I re-uploaded the zip and it's now fixed! Sorry for the inconvenience, please let me know if you have any more problems downloading,   thanks!
I'm working on some more bunnies for the Easter kit (if you look at the header you'll get a small preview of the bunnies that are coming to join the "hood" ) and that's coming later in the week, but I have an add on for the CC kit that should be up tomorrow - just a few more things since I'm having so much fun with this theme and these colors!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Please forgive my dust!

I'm playing with my blog so please forgive me if you happen to get something strange here - I have no idea what I'm doing lol!

If you have any real problems getting freebies etc. Please let me know. I'll be working on putting back my gadgets and blinkies over the next week or so.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Free CC Kit

We interrupt this free kit to bring you another free kit! Yes, you patient people who keep coming back to download pieces of the Easter kit, this one's a full kit.

The colors were so great for Kim B's March color challenge at DSO that I just had to play.

There's still plenty to come for the Easter kit, right now I'm working on some alphas and more bunnies for the "hood" - so do come back please! If it's your first time here - first of all welcome, and secondly you'll find I still have a lot of freebies up from the past including a full St. Patrick's Day kit from last March.


Papers 1
Papers 2
Papers 3
Elements 1
Elements 2

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Free Easter Kit part 5 - more basics

Here's the basic (plaid and gauze) backgrounds in the other 4 colors along with the braid trim and big bows. Hope you're having fun with the kit, still more elements and backgrounds to come - sorry to do this in pieces, but it's really the only way I can keep designing right now :) . Be sure to come back or subscribe, because I have some really cute elements I'm working on that I know you'll love and I wouldn't want you to miss them. Speaking of not missing out - if this is your first time here, please keep scrolling down, the rest of the kit is still available and if you want to keep going, there's lots more freebies going way back.
Please be sure to say Hi if you download and no direct sharing or hotlinking - just send everyone here to download, there's enough for everyone!

Snag today's gift HERE: PS I usually try to stick to about 35mb's per file when I zip them up, this one is almost 49mb's please let me know if that's a problem for you and I'll redo it. Thanks.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Free Easter Kit part 4

Here's part 4 of The Bunny Hood. If you've missed the first 3 parts, they're still available by scrolling down. By the way I do have a St. Patrick's Day kit available. I designed it last March - just scroll to the bottom of the page - it was one of my first kits and it's called Kiss Me. If you don't want to click on the link and go directly, there are many freebies available along the way.


Today's download includes 5 papers - 1 natural basket weave which I tried to make as realistic as possible, 2 stained glass papers and 2 gauze papers in gradient colors. A bunny border with a journal tag, an egg wreath, 2 "bunny" bows and 4 tiny tags. Have Fun and if you download say hello - I love to know where people are from!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Free Easter Kit part 3

Here's your next part of The Bunny Hood, I hope you're enjoying this kit as much as I am - it's been fun to make!

This download has a couple of different papers in it, a basket weave pattern in 2 different colors and what I'm calling "stained glass" . I have more stained glass papers to come in this kit.
These are all the jelly beans I have for now and there's a bunny wreath, a cloud for the sky of your "hood" and a glitter grass border. I have a few more borders both glitter and plain to come, so be sure and come back or subscribe and get the whole kit. I will leave downloads up as long as I don't run out of space on 4 shared.

If you haven't been to my blog before you might want to go back and get past freebies - I  don't remove most of them and there are quite a few here.

HERE's today's gift:

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Free Easter Kit Download #2

Here's download #2 of  The Bunny Hood - the bunny laying down in the preview is in download #1, so if you want him and you didn't already get him, scroll down a bit and grab him.
Download #2 is more basics for background with the sage and aqua plaids and the matching bows and a girl bunny with flowers.
There's lots more to this kit, so be sure to subscribe or stop back often so you can get it all as I create it (as my time allows).

Have Fun! Download #2 HERE

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Free Easter Kit

My personal time commitments have changed and unfortunately I've had to close my SAS store. It's been a wonderful experience, but I find I can no longer keep up with the commitment.

The good news for all of my blog  followers is that I'll be using my design time to create freebies you can find here on a regular basis.

The first is a  full sized Easter kit with a whimsical feel called The Bunny Hood. I'll be leaving downloads  here as I work on it as often as I can. I  don't have a preview for you because it's not a complete kit as yet. I did give you a color swatch so that you can tell if it will be a match to your photos and hopefully you'll have some fun with it.

There will definitely be a lot of Easter Elements such as eggs and jelly beans, baskets and several more bunnies and of course some chicks. So stop back often so that you can get the complete kit. The little layout below is just to give you an idea of what the kit will be like.

Grab the first download HERE.

Download #1 preview:
layout made with kit: