Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Two New Kits in the store and on Sale Now!

Hi everyone! I'm on a leave of absence, but I'm trying to get some new smaller kits in my SAS store and I finally got a couple there and I'm working on a couple more that I hope to have by the end of the week.

Words of Love - Word art elements for Valentine's Day and all your other loving layouts!

NOT ME! Mini Kit - You know these guys - they're the ones who track mud on your rug just after you vacuum, and they're the ones who break that precious heirloom vase from your great, great grandmother. You ask your family who did it and they answer - NOT ME! Well now you know what they look like - there's the whole Not Me family - Dad, Mommy, Junior and Sis, each with matching scruffed up backgrounds (you know they're messy because all this mess can't be coming from your family!), frame, brads and buttons with some strings ,  a fiber wrap,aa funky staple, and to help you complete your pages 8 word art labels to help them blame each other  and the family pets.


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Barbiemarie said...

These are just beautiful ! Hugs Barbie