Friday, January 9, 2009

A Note of Thanks from the Captain and Me

I wanted to share this note from the Captain of the USS Ramage DDG61 with all of those who bought my Navy kits and made the gift possible.

"Spending the Holidays away from home and loved ones is never
easy; not for us or for those we leave behind. What makes it endurable is the overwhelming amount of support we received
from home. We literally received tons of cards and packages
from both family and friends and complete strangers. Thank
you to all of you who made sure none of us were forgotten this
Happy New Year!
CDR Galluch


Amberpony Creates said...

That is So Sweet!
Makes a Person Feel Warm & Fuzzy All Over

Kathy said...

Sorry to not have popped on in awhile. Hope you are doing well and had a happy holiday and New Year. I am still hanging in there but haven't done anything digital for awhile. Needed to get through the holidays and some sadness missing Pop.
Talk to you soon.

mITSYBELLE said...

That's wonderful news Brenda, glad everything went well with this :)

Amberpony Creates said...

I Have an Award For You On My Blog