Monday, November 17, 2008

We're In The Navy Now Kit

I'm afraid this post finds me very upset. When I created my Navy Kit I used some wonderful elements created by Lady Shannon of Memories Made Easy. I had her written permission to use her things as CU and if you have the kit, you know that several of the elements in there have her name on them and she is mentioned as a collaborator in the TOU.

Someone who knew nothing of our agreement used her name to accuse me of piracy, both here on my blog (post removed because it came from "anonymous") and to the administration at SAS. I'm not sure if there are posts in any of the forums out there.

If you did buy this kit please rest assured that 1. There was no piracy involved in the making of this kit. 2. 100% (I realized TOU says 75%, but decided to do 100%) of the proceeds will go toward Christmas boxes for the sailors on the USS Ramage. I will scan receipts when I make the purchases and post them here for everyone to see. Also if you did buy the kit you'll know that Lady Shannon was given full credit as a collaborator and named on several elements in the kit as the creator.

Do I have a personal interest here - yes, I do, and I also tried to be honest about that. My grandson is one of the sailors on the Ramage and he sent me several of the photos that I used in making papers for the kit (which were my original inspiration for the kit) The boxes will be addressed to the ship, not to him personally.

If I knew who did this I would address them personally, but since I have no idea I'm asking them through this blog to undo the damage they have done by checking with Lady Shannon and removing any posts they may have made to any forums and blogs - whoever you are, you must have quickly looked at the preview and you don't have the kit - I'll be glad to send you the whole kit so you can read the TOU and see the credits given. Just get in touch with me. Everything was done on the up and up here between all parties involved and you've created a problem for all of us.


LindaJD said...

Oh Brenda, I am so sorry that you have to go through this!
and I hope it get's straightened out as soon as possible for you..
this is a Wonderful thing you are doing by giving the proceed's to the Christmas Boxes and I am sure the lads and gal's on the ship really appreciate it..:)

mITSYBELLE said...
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mITSYBELLE said...

My thoughts are with you here Brenda, I for one know you are an honest and caring lady and wouldn't do anything that wasn't legal. I hope this person comes out and undoes any damage caused.

November 17, 2008

Kathy said...

Brenda, sorry to hear about this. I have not been on any boards or forums lately due to my dad passing. Wish that I had so I could assist you. I will keep an eye out. I really hate when people do things like this to a good person like yourself. I know you are always on the up and up with all your kits.

Kimberkatt said...

Brenda, I'm so sorry you have to deal with this! Some people are way too hasty when pointing a finger! I really can't imagine who would use someone else's name & post comments like this! Shame on them! Everyone can clearly see that you gave more than enough credit! And the kit is for a fantastic cause! Chin up, Bren! We all know what a great lady you are! :D

twinsmom1 said...

Diana told me about this and it is so cowardly to attack someone without knowing what is actually going on and then do it anonymously. I am so sorry this has happened and I think that sending the care packages to the sailors is a very good idea. It is hard to send it to all of them at one time. This time of year, our military that are deployed need to know that we care about them. Keep your head up and know you are welcome to use my designs at any time you want to!!!