Monday, June 9, 2008

Finally answering my "tag"

Well Candee tagged me and I've been so busy I haven't listed my 7 random things yet. I had to think of 7 more that I didn't tell you last time I was tagged. I also just tagged everyone I know, so I'm not tagging anyone else.
1. When I was a kid I hated my red hair and freckles - now I pay to keep it.(the red hair that is)
2. I like to eat cottage cheese with potato chips
3. Since I've become a designer I'm afraid I'll forget things so I carry one of those mini tape recorders with me to talk to myself (legitimately lol)
4. Although I'm certified to teach yoga (Svaroopa) I have never taught.
5. My digi scrap materials are very disorganized (LOL)
6. I'm my husband's administrative assistant and he actually pays me every week.
7. When I was little my brother (11 years older) and I used to fight over who owned the dog - he would then agree to share and give the dog a kiss on the nose and then tell me to kiss my end! Which of course sent me crying to my mother!

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Cajun Beautys Scraps said...

I love number 7, sent me laughing, LOL!! I'll have to remember it, my husband will get a kick out of that!! Thanks for my morning laugh!!!